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Isang Araw Lang album earned Platinum, Kuya Daniel wins hearts of media and music industry

Platinum Award for Isang Araw Lang: The Album

Kuya Daniel accepts Platinum Award for Isang Araw Lang: The Album

Manila, Philippines – To have an album that sold more than 12,500 copies just in one day is a phenomenal event that never happened before in the Philippines’ music industry ever since its inception many years back. Yet an occasional singer, Daniel Razon, was the one who made this phenomenon possible with his Isang Araw Lang album.

Razon, also an occasional movie actor and director, is a UNTV executive and program host.

Three months earlier, Yahoo Philippines reported that Razon won with the same album a gold record award just on the day it was released on August 17 this year.

As certified by Able Music International and the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI), a platinum certification was awarded to Daniel Razon on November 30, 2009, the night he was celebrating his launching of his second coffee table book titled, Wild. Wild is Daniel’s compilation of the wildlife photography of that was launched in the event titled, Up Close.

Mr. Public Service as he is known, has already sold more than 20,000 units of his second commercial album, Isang Araw Lang. Razon can now be lined-up with other prominent singers in the country in terms of recording achievement like Martin Nievera and Lea Salonga, who are themselves platinum record awardees.

Mon Del Rosario, one of the top composers in the country reportedly regards Razon’s music as something that is easily heartfelt as he sang the songs from the heart. Del Rosario gave this assessment during the presentation of “Up Close.”

Known as Kuya Daniel, after his UNTV show, Good Morning Kuya, friends and followers alike marked their belief in his advocacy and humanitarian projects as they see in him the essence of being a true public servant.

A major beneficiary of the platinum awarded album, Isang Araw Lang, for example,  is the pool of scholars from his free-college project, while the beneficiaries of the Up Close event is the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation (MWWF), whom Razon had been supporting for months.

UNTV owner, Juno Henares, noted this distinct public service spirit in Razon. Kuya has many projects which are characterized by sharing of resources to the public especially to those poor and needy although he is not a government official – much less a politician.

With his massive number of friends and followers to his advocacy, his album had become very much in-demand in no time at all even prior to its launching date via advanced request copies. Hence, after three months of making a historical gold record award of the album, Razon had garnered the platinum record of the same album.

Up Close showcased all of the people in entertainment industry who are close to Kuya Daniel’s heart to give their greetings and support. Jay Sonza, Cito Beltran, Ben Tulfo were just some of his colleagues in broadcasting who attended the event. The veteran actor-comedian Roderick Paulate who is a close friend of Razon also gave his support along with fellow entertainers, Ara Mina and Faith Cuneta, representing MWWF.

A special person greeted Razon in the night of the event. Incidentally, Daniel Razon is the vice presiding minister of the Members Church of God International, locally known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). His uncle, Bro. Eliseo Soriano, is the Presiding Minister in the church. Bro. Eli spoke before the audience of the good-nature of Daniel whom he had trained from childhood up to now, and of his faithful service in the ministry. Razon had marked his 26th year of service in the church on November 28, 2009.

Able Music International, and Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) are the award giving bodies of platinum record to Daniel Razon’s Isang Araw Lang. While Up Close was presented by Bible Readers Society International, and Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International, Inc. The platinum record awarding took place at the Palacio De Manila, M. H. Del Pilar. (Photo Credit: Eldon Tenorio)



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Art and Goodwill come alive in Brush and Shutter exhibit


A candid photo of Kuya Daniel Razon surrounded by well-wishers, art aficionados, fans, and supporters of the Brush and Shutter Exhibit at Tala Gallery.

Being the nephew of world-renowned photographer Bob Razon, Kuya Daniel Razon has inherited  his uncle’s eye for great photography. Being also the nephew of internationally-known preacher Bro. Eli Soriano, Daniel Razon  inherited the phenomenal preacher’s compassion for the needy.

Fusing both together, he has come up with Brush and Shutter, a celebration of photography, painting and goodwill.

The three-day Brush and Shutter exhibit happened on September 28-30 which features more than 50 breathtaking photographs of Mr. Public Service himself. The photographs were then captured on canvass by some of Tala Gallery’s artists and displayed alongside Daniel Razon’s snapshots.

This one-of-a-kind photography/painting exhibit is for the benefit of the La Verdad Christian College in Manila, which will offer free nursing and mass communication courses to deserving underprivileged students.

Kuya Daniel was positive that the public service deeds the campaign will embark on benefiting the KFI  will continually grow in number.  He thanks the supporters of the cause and states his gratitude to God Almighty and Bro. Eli Soriano.

“Once again, I thank God.  In behalf of Bro. Eli Soriano, who has been very supportive of everything that we have been doing and is our mentor who taught us to open our hearts and our minds in doing good to others, especially to those who belong to the household, we thank those who supported this event. Thank you very much and we thank God. To God be the glory,” states Kuya Daniel Razon.

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Isang Araw Lang Album goes gold in Just One Day!

Certified as one of Philippine music's historical figures with his ground-breaking Isang Araw Lang album, Kuya Daniel delivers a heart-warming speech of gratitude

Certified as one of Philippine music's historical figures with his ground-breaking Isang Araw Lang album, Kuya Daniel delivers a heart-warming speech of gratitude

A record-label executive congratulates Kuya Daniel on making Philippine musical history in just one day!

A record-label executive congratulates Kuya Daniel on making Philippine musical history in just one day!

Kuya Daniel Razon will not stop until he exhausts all his abilities for the sake of a great humanitarian cause. Thus, he puts his soothing voice to good use and records ten beautiful hand-picked songs in an album named after the popular cause Isang Araw Lang.

And it paid off – for the first time in Philippine music history, the Isang Araw Lang album received a gold record on the same day of its launch!

The album launched at YCONCON: Isang Araw Lang concert was produced by Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) and features OPM songs such as So Many Questions, Your Love, Habang May Buhay, With a Smile, Huwag Na Lang Kaya, I’ll Never Go, Forevermore, Tag-ulan, and Hold On. The carrier single named after the cause is also included in this charity-motivated album.

The YCONCON or Youth Concert Convention organized  by the Bible Readers Society (BREAD) has been supporting the KFI’s many community service works. On 2007, the YCONCON’s proceeds were given to the rehabilitation of a number of drug-addicted youth. This year they supported Kuya Daniel’s Free College Education cause –  by letting music history happen on their organized musical fest.

One of the most anticipated moments in this concert is Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), Kuya Daniel Razon’s uncle and co-humanitarian. Bro. Eli, who is the major laborer behind the Kamanggagawa Foundation’s community works, were one with the concert-goers via live streaming. Never failing to give words of wisdom straight from the Bible, Bro. Eli commended those who supported the Isang Araw Lang campaign and the historic album of the same name.

The Isang Araw Lang album is filled with great tunes with a great humanitarian backbone. Manila Bulletin’s Crispina Martinez-Belen was smitten with Kuya Daniel’s drive to do good.

“… With all his visible endeavors, it is apparent that the man really walks his talk. Asked why his campaign is called “Just One Day,” he simply answers, I’ll leave that for you to answer… in UNTV, we do it every day,” writes Martinez-Belen on Manila Bulletin’s online version.

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