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BREAD Society Salutes the Isang Araw Lang Campaign, Cleans Up Hazardous Wastes

To help clean the environment, the Bible Readers (BREAD) Society  took Kuya Daniel Razon’s cue by cleaning up hazardous wastes in Little Baguio, San Juan in response to the Isang Araw Lang campaign.

The clean-up drive initiated this month focused on cleaning different broken light bulbs and fluorescent lights that contain mercury, a potent neurotoxin. Aside from these, the group also collected broken Christmas lights.

The enthusiastic youth of the BREAD society went house-to-house to collect the aforesaid materials and at the same time, spread public awareness regarding the ill-effects of broken lighting. Little Baguio  Barangay Captain Allen Silvano shared his appreciation for this endeavor under the Isang Araw Lang advocacy.



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Welcome to the Isang Araw Lang Campaign Blog!

Doing good starts with just one day. Such is true for Mr. Public Service Kuya  Daniel Razon and the supporters of the Isang Araw Lang or the Just One Day campaign. However, for these individuals,  that day isn’t bound by a 24-hour time period –  for them, that day is an eternity in length; a pretty hefty span of time to do good.

Since the inception of the Isang Araw Lang Campaign on February 2009, Kuya Daniel Razon has been on an even greater public service roll. And the Isang Araw Lang campaign is the newest addition to the supporters of the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc.

Do your part! Doing good starts with just one day. Welcome to our Official Isang Araw Lang Blog!

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