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UNTV Launches Tree-Planting Project for Greener Planet

Add-a-Tree Project by UNTV

Climate change is now severely being felt all around the globe. Its effects are massive and the environment is at stake.

It is for this reason that UNTV has planned to launch a worldwide tree planting project on October 10, 2010. This is part of UNTV’s Isang Araw Para sa Kalikasan campaign and shall be participated in by its regional news bureaus not only here in the Philippines, but around the world, as well.

Initially, UNTV met with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to start the gathering of necessary information and materials that will support this endeavor.

The partnership between the station and the natural resources department marked the said event as formal and legal and takes effect for 3 years.

Areas to be covered in the tree-planting activities were identified through UNTV’s close coordination with all the regional field offices of the DENR.

This campaign expects around 50,000 seedlings to be planted along the identified critical watersheds nationwide. Volunteer groups or individuals will be mobilized to participate in the tree planting activities for the specific tree planting sites.

As this is a global campaign, UNTV news bureaus in other countries shall also conduct their own tree-planting activities simultaneously with the activities here at home.

We believe that thru this simple act, UNTV will be able to contribute and encourage people to care for the environment and make a difference, even for just one day.

And even though the tree planting itself will only happen for just one day, UNTV will not leave it at that. The planted trees will be nurtured and taken care of for at least three years or until its roots are strong enough to sustain life by itself.

The project, as mutually agreed upon by UNTV and DENR may be extended or renewed for another 3 years or until the areas covered have attained the desired number or volume of trees enough for the watersheds to reacquire life and get rejuvenated.



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